Importer Of Workshop Tools And Heavy Machineries

About Us

NORTH AFRICA COMPANY (For importing industrial equipments workshop tools & safetly equipment) incorporated in 1960. ELGHOUL BROTHERS are behind the expansion of NORTH AFRICA. Ever since and over the years. Industrial equipments and workshop tools are our main specialization. We buy for our own account, represent and distribute these products in Libya. Our warehouses are well located and stocked in Tripoli, Misurata and Benghazi. As most companies supply services are located in Tripoli, we support these services with efficiency and reliability because we are keen to provide constructions & Oil's companies with best Q.P.D(Quality, Price & Delivery).
Our long-term experience in this field makes us one of the best supply chain companies in Libyan market. As professionally is our business, we insure a good maintenance team in our company to be available on call.
Our organization major goals are customer's satisfaction, providing good service to our tools and training our customers.

North Africa Company
For Import Of Workshop Tools
And Industrial Equipment